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Company: Blake Mason
Last Reviewed On: 06.22.2012

Categories : hardcore action : foreskin : black guys : twinks : jocks : latino : cum : solo : big dicks

When I got the first page of Blake Mason, I noticed the words "amateur British men in action" and pics of horny college-aged guys who looked damned good to me. As I wandered through the tour, I notice that all the guys there were cute, the action was steamy, the preview for each episode is good stuff, and I liked the photography. If you like real UK guys with fresh faces and hard cocks, I think you're going to like what you see here. It's been a while since our last visit, so join me as I log in and see what's new at Blake Mason!

Before we check out the member area, I want to mention something I really liked. Blake Mason has a fully transparent tour. What that means is that what you see on the tour is exactly what you will see in the member area with the exception of a couple links at the top. But the page layouts are the same, navigation is the same, and you can see all the models and read about them on the tour. This means you know what you are getting before you join.

At this time, there are 586 shoots inside Blake Mason, which is 172 more than there were on our last visit a bit over 19 months ago. There's plenty of solo masturbation and lots of very hot hardcore sex as well. The site updates twice a week, once with a hardcore shoot and once with a solo shoot, and there are links to the most recent shoots on the home page. The links on the top include a few things worth mentioning - charity support and Mason's diary. Charity support explains that these guys donate money from the site, and tell a little about this. Mason's diary is the diary of how they came to make the site through today, and it's a lot of fun to read. You'll also find member faqs, a good place to find help if you need it. There's also a link to the forum, the search page and the member top 50.

When you click on a pic you are taken to the episode's page where you'll find a nice juicy description and links to the model or models' profiles including info like their job, ages, cock sizes, cut or uncut. There's a place to rate the video, the date it was added to the site, plus links to the videos, and below is a gallery of the pics from that episode.

I looked through a bunch of the guys, and decided to check out Thomas first. He is in one of their fairly recent episodes, and he an extra cute bad boy type with dark sexy eyes and dark hair. I read about the shoot, scrolled down and found the video links and the thumbs to the pics of the shoot.

The videos are available in both WMV and MP4 format, as well as streaming Flash. The largest WMVs and Quicktimes for the newest videos are shown at 1280x720, the slightly older shown at 960x540 and the largest older vids are shown at 640x480. All the videos look good, are offered in a couple smaller sizes, and the high res videos in both formats being good amateur quality or better. Blake Mason does not use any DRM which means you can download and play them even after your membership has expired.

In addition to the regular videos, many episodes have video links called "download bonus" and "Bonus Film - Download". These lead to all sorts of behind the scenes stuff from bloopers - which are often hysterically funny - to auditions to showers to other stuff you don't usually get to see in a porn site. These add a more personal feeling as you get to see what the guys are like when the moment isn't perfect.

The pics on Blake Mason are vidcaps but they are actually good amateur quality, and they are shown at from 535x391 to 960x540 depending on the age of the episode. The lighting on the models is quality amateur work, the clarity of the pics is good, and the action is caught very well - these are some hot fuckin' pics! The guys look great and the cumshots are caught in loving detail. And if you want to keep your hands free for other things, you have the option of seeing the pics as a slide show. You can also download them for later in a zip file.

I know this is where the issues usually go, but there really aren't any. I did find something worth mentioning. One is that some of the models who have done repeated return shoots are no longer really amateur, but most still have that boy next door vibe.

I like the hot guys inside Blake Mason, and I also like the vibe of the site. The site is casual but also carefully created, and the content is good quality and entertaining, particularly if you love Eenglish guys, and especially twinks and amateurs from 18 to 25. The site is growing fast with 2 episodes added per week and the downloadable videos are good amateur quality and use no DRM. Whether you like British lads, UK guys in general or are into uncut cocks, I definitely recommend you check out Blake Mason!

Website Rating:

Content Quality 5/5
Site Design 4/5
Navigation 9/10
Updates 10/10
Price 9/10
Unique Content 10/10
Review Score 47/50

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Site Design: Refers to the overall layout, design, look & feel of the site.

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