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Company: Bel Ami
Last Reviewed On: 06.22.2012

Categories : hardcore action : bareback : foreskin : european guys : twinks : jocks : fraternity : orgys : cum : solo : big dicks

Bel Ami is one of the landmark producers of high quality gay porn, specializing in twinks and jocks from central Europe. Its website began in 1998 and is now at version 4. The site has an eye-catching tour offering 12 scene previews and the promise of a huge amount of material. We haven’t checked out the site for 21 months, so it’s time to pay another visit.

The home page is attractively presented, opening at the latest page of updates and the model of the week. It’s topped by a menu bar which provides links to all the main content areas: Sex scenes, Solos, Photos, Models, Movies, Backstage, Extras, Bazaar, Flashbacks, Favorites. On the right is a link to the forum, and above that, links to FAQs and settings. About 6 months of updates are listed. Most weeks see at least 3 hardcore scenes and a few photosets. The rest may include solos, interviews, documentaries, behind the scenes and other material. Although the updates, like most things on the site, are undated, the date of the first comment for each is a good guide as to when it was released. Data location can be selected in the settings; BA has servers in both the US and Europe.

There are a total of 1863 scenes currently offered - 418 hardcore, 1112 solos, 147 photo sessions, and 186 others. 3D scenes are a new feature. Collaborations with Cocky Boys, Corbin Fisher and Kristen Bjorn mean some of the scenes are semi-exclusive. Many new scenes premiere here before being released on DVD, and these scenes are among the most expensive gay porn produced, often filmed in exotic locations. The site concentrates on newer material. Hardcore scenes over 5 years old are rare, except for unreleased ones from the archives. There is a constant churn of scenes. Scenes added in 2010 have gone already. A variety of download options are available, but the information provided is too limited, lacking resolution, file size, bit rates and run times. A 640x360 MP4 shouldn’t be described as HD; it isn’t. Streaming quality is variable because everything is streamed at 700x399 (16:9) or 700x525 (4:3), regardless of the size and bandwidth of the actual material.

Bel Ami offers 577 exclusive pic sets, up from 504, and these are divided into 5 categories: pinups, couples, production photoshoots, snapshots and specials. These digital stills are beautifully posed and lit. Watermarks are found only on the older material. Over 800 sets of screencaps are found not only on video pages, but also on the models’ pages and in the Bazaar. All sets can be downloaded, and individual images saved with a right-click.

The core of the site has always been its collection of gorgeous Slovak, Hungarian and Czech models from 18 to 25. Many could rightly be called sex gods. The European focus means lots of uncut cocks, some of which are very big; Trevor Yates has one that should have its own zip code. Recently, performers from other countries, including the US, have been added. All are generally smooth, slim to well-built but not over-muscled; tattoos are a rarity. The Models pages feature 360 guys, but the list is incomplete; Bel Ami must offer over a thousand models. The biggest change in action since our last visit has been the growth of ‘condom-free’ scenes, up from 8 to 64. A new one is now added almost every week. They range up to a 14 guy orgy. Bel Ami's high production standards result in some stunning material. The scenes have become much more explicit, and now feature great close-ups of the penetration, breeding and cream-pies.

There are fewer extras. The Hot House and Corbin Fisher bonus videos have gone, along with the News. Johan’s blog hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. The page labeled ‘Extras’ is just a page of links and ads. The main extra is the site’s engagement with its members. Updates and models can be rated, and comments left about new material. The forum is a very active, and BA staff, including supremo George Duroy, contribute and take notice of what’s said.

The site’s organization is an issue. It can be hard to find what’s there; a search function is needed. It’s even harder to identify what isn’t. There is no information on the process of moving videos to the VOD site. Relocated scenes are listed on models’ pages. However, the lists are incomplete, and links to their new locations on, where it’s also hard to find things, often don’t work. The screenshots accompanying these scenes seem to disappear, despite the join page claim that ‘screenshots from ALL our movies’ are available. There are many links which should be provided but aren’t e.g. pages of screenshots with no indication what movies they’re from. The FAQs are very out of date and don’t cover the sort of questions that should be there.

Bel Ami Online leads the way in premiering high quality gay porn on the web with a great looking site. So many guys, so much sex, plenty of ways to view and you can keep most of it forever. If you want to see hot young Europeans in some of the best hardcore action ever filmed, you need to visit Bel Ami Online.

Website Rating:

Content Quality 5/5
Site Design 5/5
Navigation 10/10
Updates 10/10
Price 9/10
Unique Content 10/10
Review Score 49/50

Bel Ami Website:

Content Quality : Refers to the overall quality of the photography on the site, higher rating represents higher quality.

Site Design: Refers to the overall layout, design, look & feel of the site.

Navigation: Higher rating represents just how easy it is to navigation from one section of the site to another.

Updates: More frequent updates will result in a higher rating here.

Price: Monthly price value

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